[Whitepaper] Reaching Higher Productivity Levels with KRONO-SAFE’s LET Based ASTERIOS® Platform

A turning point in realtime embedded systems engineering

The evolution of the industry toward Cyber Systems – critically shaping our lives and businesses – calls for an evolution of real-time software development practices. To tackle a growing software complexity and meet the productivity challenge, companies developing real-time embedded systems are being confronted to a massive evolution.

Needs for time-aware platforms

In such systems, software execution time becomes critical while adversely more difficult to control. To deliver dynamic systems that are ultra-reliable, high-performance and deterministic by design, not by iterations, engineering teams are looking beyond their current methodologies and tools, for innovative approaches to the embedded software engineering cycle, solving their quest for more automation, better performances and better dependability expectations.

That is why the need is widening for time-aware platforms, capable of handling time in a deterministic way, whatever the users programming model and hardware targeted architectures, leveraging promises such as the ones hold by Logical Execution Timing (the LET concept).

ASTERIOS® impact on software development productivity

With its ASTERIOS® Platform solution, KRONO-SAFE is proposing a scalable implementation of the LET concept, that all software development teams can benefit from, fulfilling requirements for high performance and time-determinism in a model centric engineering process.

It delivers capabilities to downsize development, validation and certification efforts significantly, while producing highly optimized architectures, which are validated at the early stage of the development process, inclusive of their dynamic behaviors, independently of the final single- or multi-core hardware target.

Swift transition from existing practices

ASTERIOS® is bringing to the industry of real-time embedded systems a smooth and effective transition from existing practices. It makes development clever and economically optimized.

In doing so, KRONO-SAFE provides to its clients the ammunition for keeping their lead while improving their software development economics and preparing for the advent of Cyber Physical Systems (CPS).

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