[Press Release] KRONO-SAFE launches a new version of its ASTERIOS® integrated software tool suite that provides performant and costeffective certification for realtime safety critical Software Applications.

MASSY, July 9, 2020 – KRONO-SAFE announces today the launch of a new Release of its ASTERIOS® flagship solution, to accelerate and simplify real-time embeddded software design compliance and certification, primarily targeting Avionics systems.
Over the last decade, the amount of software integrated in products like planes, cars or trains has considerably grown in order to get more intelligent, more open and more communicationg systems. Due to this trend in modern Cyber-Physical Systems in general, the ability to manage the software complexity while respecting stringent safety constraints is now key for competitiveness in many industrial domains. This mandates improving software development processes and tools to guarantee a cost- and time-efficient development of deterministic systems, leveraging quickly certifiable and accurately executed applications, whatever the choosen hardware implementation. This is specifically true in Avionics: modern aircraft systems require more power, have more electronics content and higher compliance risks due to increased complexity.

This new ASTERIOS® Release is a major leap forward in our strategy towards efficient certificability that we want to provide to our avionics customers, helping them reach DO-178C DAL A certifications more efficiently, even on very complex hardware architectures such as multi-core architectures”, said Eric Lutterman, KRONO-SAFE’s CEO.

The new K19 release of ASTERIOS® is harnessing incremental certification of applications with multiples binaries compilation flows; it introduces new memory protection schemes refinements, increased scheduling capabilities leveraging KRONO-SAFE’s patented Logical Execution Time (LET) programming paradigm, bounding resource contention and safety schedule schemes on multi-core architectures; it also brings spatial optimization on multicore processors i.e. MPC5777M and QorIQ® P2020 , as well as new debugging and error handling capabilities, eventually augmenting application execution performance and footprint size and increasing the ASTERIOS® RTK kernel robustness.

With the introduction in this ASTERIOS® release of very specific features dedicated to DO-178C DAL A and DO-330 TQL 5 Qualification Kits, we are indeed primarily addressing the needs of the Avionics Market”, said Olivier Bermond, VP Engineering at KRONO-SAFE, “at the same time, those new features introduced in this release are also preparing the soil for further reliability and safety capabilities targeting ISO 26262 for the automotive industry.We have been strengthening our LET based concepts to support the specific needs of other industries such as the automotive industry, on dedicated platforms such as AUTOSAR”.

KRONO-SAFE develops ASTERIOS®, an integrated software tool suite which provides safety-critical Systems Engineering teams with a breakthrough approach to cope with the growing complexity of software integration on single- to multi-core architectures.
The software Company, based in Massy, France, south of Paris, was established in 2011, as a spin-off of CEA (French public research organization in Nuclear and Alternative Energies) on the basis of 15 years of research & development on Logical Execution Time (LET) paradigms and deterministic development processes and technologies.
KRONO-SAFE’s solutions have since been used in core industries like Aerospace, Defense and Automotive by lead customers like Safran and Aptiv. Visit Krono-Safe.com.