Asterios Technologies recrute !

Actuellement en forte croissance, nous recherchons des personnes souhaitant évoluer en grande autonomie sur des projets à la pointe de la technologie au sein d’une équipe dynamique et sympathique ! N’hésitez pas à consulter nos offres d’emploi ! Ingénieur-e développement logiciel embarqué (F/H) Ingénieur-e développement logiciel expérimenté-e (F/H) Architecte logiciel (F/H)

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Krono-Safe changes name to Asterios Technologies

Specialist in the integration of critical real-time systems, Asterios Technologies, now a subsidiary of Safran, retains its main mission and its own identity. Asterios Technologies thus guarantees continuity of service to its existing customers and perpetuates R&D activities on its product line and business development.

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KRONO-SAFE will exhibit at AEROSPACE TECHWEEK Toulouse 2021 – Booth 710


KRONO-SAFE will be participating at the AEROSPACE TECH WEEK international event for aerospace companies and airlines, in Toulouse, France on 3-4 Nov’21. Join us and visit our booth to learn about our latest ASTERIOS® developments targeting avionics embedded systems safety and safety certification! Home – Aerospace Tech Week

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KRONO-SAFE’s PHD Talents acknowledged at the PhD/WiP Forum of FDL 2021

Fabien Siron, PhD Engineer at KRONO-SAFE will be presenting a paper on “Programming and verifying real- time design using logical time” at the FDL 2021 Forum on specification & Design Languages, held in Antibes, France on September 8–10, 2021. This paper is comparing Synchronous Languages and LET (Logical execution Time) based languages; it is opening […]

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Using the ASTERIOS Tool Suite with Lauterbach TRACE32 Debugger


Using the ASTERIOS Tool Suite with Lauterbach TRACE32 Debugger, to accelerate critical embedded software application development up to certification, delivering deterministic, safe and quality applications, through early validation and powerful code instrumentation and debugging: a joint webinar by KRONO-SAFE and LAUTERBACH. SEE THE FULL WEBINAR: Video Link

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PRESS RELEASE: Meeting the challenges of mission-critical applications on distributed execution platforms with ARCHEOS

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Together with the French IRT Saint Exupéry Research Institute dedicated to aeronautics, space and embedded systems – KRONO-SAFE is today announcing participation in ARCHEOS – a prominent R&D project aiming at delivering, in 2023, mission-critical applications on multi-core and multi-processor distributed execution platforms, to manufacturers in the aeronautics, space, energy and automotive industries. READ MORE: […]

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PRESS RELEASE ASTERIOS® Automotive Tool Suite Version 1.0 (AATS V1.0)


KRONO-SAFE launches ASTERIOS® Automotive Tool Suite Version 1.0 (AATS V1.0), the first version of its ASTERIOS® platform for the development of deterministic, real-time automotive software components. MASSY, March 31, 2021 – KRONO-SAFE announces today the launch of a new ASTERIOS® Tool Suite platform dedicated to the development of real-time embeddded software for automotive, in compliance […]

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Demonstration of ASTERIOS®, with its LET technology in action on a Flight Control System example.

LET News

The video shows how ASTERIOS is actually streamlining and automating the software development process, introducing an architecture dimension and safe-by-design paradigm to the development process, in a formal approach that guarantees built-in determinism and correct-by-design software application development.

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