KRONO-SAFE’s PHD Talents acknowledged at the PhD/WiP Forum of FDL 2021

Fabien Siron, PhD Engineer at KRONO-SAFE will be presenting a paper on “Programming and verifying real- time design using logical time” at the FDL 2021 Forum on specification & Design Languages, held in Antibes, France on September 8–10, 2021.

This paper is comparing Synchronous Languages and LET (Logical execution Time) based languages; it is opening the door to new programming paradigms, with crossroad perspectives, where synchronous models are used to express logical models of LET based languages, deploying unique programming values by merging “classical” LET aspects for everything that is precision of the schedulability analysis, and synchronous aspects for everything that is more abstract analysis of formal verification type.

It has been written together with Dr. Amira Methni and Dr. Damien Chabrol, from KRONO-SAFE and Dr. Dumitru Potop-Butucaru and Dr. Robert de Simone, Senior Researchers at INRIA Paris/Sophia Antipolis.

Congratulations to our bright talents!
Join them at FDL:
FDL is a well-established international forum to exchange experiences and promote new trends in the application of languages, their associated design methods and tools for the design of electronic systems. Electronic systems of interest to FDL include (but are not limited to) those that are used in internet-of-things (IoT), cyber-physical systems (CPS), mixed criticality embedded systems, embedded systems for high-performance computing, automatic driving and driver assistance, real-time systems, reconfigurable and secure computing.