Industrial Automation

The digitization of industrial platforms (IIoT evolution) is opening the door to the coexistence of a large number of functions with different constraints (determinism, safety, security, best effort…). This leads to a significant increase in the complexity of embedded applications.

ASTERIOS® guarantees by construction the determinism and performance required by real-time industrial control systems, as well as the security and safety compounded by the IIoT evolution. Moreover, the coexistence without interference of ASTERIOS® with a guest-OS allows to design easily mixed-criticality applications able to communicate on an open network without compromising security.

ASTERIOS® Highlights for Industrial Automation

  • Integrated toolset with built-in simulator for early validation of the application timing behavior
  • Fast and robust integration through the automated calculation of scheduling and run-time tables
  • Guaranteed determinism on single- and multi-core
  • Time and space partitioning kernel for mixed-criticality industrial applications
  • Ready for IEC 61508 safety standard certification
  • Safe and secure coexistence with guest-OS on ARMv7/v8 without any virtualization

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