ASTERIOS® has been ported onto most popular microcontrollers or processors based on the ARM Cortex-M/R/A, PowerPC, Aurix Tricore and Intel x86 architectures. It supports single-core but also multi-core architectures, with different possible execution models ranging from a pure AMP (Asymmetric Multi-Processing) to full SMP (Symmetric Multi-Processing).

The hardware architectures and boards available with ASTERIOS® are listed below. If you wish a new architecture/board, please contact KRONO-SAFE.

Semiconductor Manufacturer Support List (Brand/SoC/CPU/#Cores)

  • NXP
    • iMX6/CortexA9/4
    • iMX8 Cortex-M4F/1
    • MPC5566/e200z6/1
    • MPC5777M/e200z7, e200z4/2,1
    • QorIQ P1011, e500v2, 1
    • QorIQ P2020, e500v2, 2
    • QorIQ T1 T1042, e5500, 4
  • Infineon
    • AURIX, TC397XE, 6
  • Kalray
    • Coolidge, Cluster MPPA, 16
  • ST
    • STM32, Cortex M4, 1
  • Xilinx
    • Zynq UltraScale + MPSoC, Cortex R5, Cortex A53, 2