Aerospace et Defense

ASTERIOS® combines an innovative deterministic model with an automated real-time integration flow. The application can be assembled iteratively and its behavior is always predictable and reproducible. Moreover, critical functions are free from interference by construction.

This unique combination of formal modelling and automatic algorithmic calculations increases productivity and reduces the certification effort, making ASTERIOS® an ideal solution for Aerospace & Defense markets.

ASTERIOS® Highlights for Aerospace & Defense

  • Integrated toolset with built-in simulator for early validation of the application timing behavior
  • Time and space partitioned, small footprint kernel with guaranteed deterministic behavior
  • Best-in-class real-time performances with proven ultra-low task latencies
  • Fast and robust integration through the automated calculation of scheduling and run-time tables
  • Scalable to multi-core architectures based on PowerPC and ARM processors
  • Safe and secured coexistence with guest-OS without any virtualization
  • DO-178C compliant solution with multi-core support (CAST-32 ready) allowing for easier certification of mixed-critical applications

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