[event] Certification Together – March 21-23, 2017 – Toulouse, France


CTIC is a unique opportunity to meet a top-level panel of more than 300 international experts and specialists from aeronautical companies, Certification Authorities, experts and training companies, subcontractors, solution suppliers, engineering schools and R&D labs, during a 3 days event. The next session will be on March 21-23, 2017 in Toulouse, France.

On Thursday March 23, Adrien BARBOT will be presenting a paper about « DO-330 qualified compiler-specific code generators outside of the usual functional aspects: scheduling and memory protection correct by design. »

For many years, the industry had a focus on the automatization of code generation for functional aspects, i.e. mainly logics, state machines and computations. However, one of the major concerns today is to be able to design complex real-time systems with a great variety of targets, single- and multi-core, and a great variety of compilers, e.g. WindRiver Diab, GCC, NXP CodeWarrior or IAR, to name a few. KRONO-SAFE targets mixed-criticality application software up to DO-178C DAL A, and proposes a language to express architectural elements for timing and spatial segregation, which are transformed into source code to configure a real-time kernel, and develops a checker to ensure that this source code and the final binary are compliant with the specified architecture. KRONO-SAFE’s approach consists in formal mathematical transformations and a template-based code generator, which enables the code checker to work on source code generated for any target supported by KRONO-SAFE. This tool chain is developed according to DO-330 qualification standard thanks to SAFRAN collaboration.

Adrien BARBOT – Biography

Adrien Barbot - photo
Adrien is Product Architect at KRONO-SAFE, with 15 years of experience in development of safety-critical software and systems, mainly in the aeronautic domain (DO-178/ED-12 DAL A, B and C). He has led projects at Axlog Ingénierie for Thales Avionics and Zodiac-Intertechnique as a Software Team Leader, and at Messier-Bugatti-Dowty (now Safran Landing Systems) as Avionics Manager. During that time, Adrien has participated in the certification of several systems from DAL C to DAL A (electrical functions, LGERS, braking & steering system), and in the qualification of the tools used during the development. Since 2012, he is in charge at KRONO-SAFE of the definition of ASTERIOS® product family. He also leads the development of ASTERIOS® Checker, the tool suite provided as a DO-330 qualification kit for ASTERIOS®.

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