[video blog] DO-330 qualification strategy presented at CTIC 2017

One of today’s major concerns in the embedded software industry is to design and integrate safe and complex real-time systems based on single- and multi-core processors, while guaranteeing the determinism and timing behavior required by mission- and safety-critical applications.

KRONO-SAFE is offering ASTERIOS® Developer, a tool suite that combines an innovative deterministic model with an automated real-time integration flow. This solution is based on a formal language to express elements for timing and spatial segregation, which are transformed automatically into source code to configure a real-time kernel running on the selected hardware platform. This unique combination of formal modelling and automatic algorithmic calculations increases productivity and reduces dramatically both software-software and hardware-software integration effort.

Targeting mixed-criticality software applications with safety certification up to DO-178C DAL A, KRONO-SAFE develops ASTERIOS® Checker, a companion tool to ASTERIOS® Developer that ensures the source code and the final binary are compliant with the specified architecture. This tool chain is developed according to DO-330 TQL-5 qualification standard, in collaboration with SAFRAN Electronics & Defense.

In this presentation given at the Certification Together International Conference (CTIC) in Toulouse (France) in March 2017, Adrien BARBOT introduces the benefits of ASTERIOS® breakthrough technology with a specific highlight on the ASTERIOS® Checker DO-330 qualification strategy, an innovative approach to reach safety certification at the highest levels of DO-178C standard.