[News] KRONO-SAFE to support new Infineon TriCore AURIX™ 2G Automotive MCU

ASTERIOS RTK now supports the Infineon TriCore AURIX™ 2nd Generation TC397 MCU designed for Automotive applications.

The AURIX TC3xx microcontrollers are well-suited to safety-critical applications ranging from airbag, braking and power steering to sensor based systems using radar or camera technologies. The combination of performance and a powerful safety architecture makes the family ideal fit for domain control and data fusion applications supporting the next levels of autonomous driving.

ASTERIOS RTK efficiently takes advantage of the specific Infineon AURIX 2G memory architecture to provide optimal multicore data exchanges and outstanding execution performances, while keeping ASTERIOS’s determinism and safety properties.

More technical information about this solution is described in the Whitepaper “Exploiting the most of the performance on the new Aurix 2nd generation TC3xx microcontroller family”.