[News] KRONO-SAFE will participate to the ES3CAP project lead by KALRAY

The objective of the ES3CAP (“Embedded Smart Safe Secure Computing Autonomous Platform ») French collaborative project is to build a hardware and software platform for manufacturers developing critical applications that require high-performance computing capacity, in the fields of aeronautics (aviation, flying taxis, drones), defense and self-driving vehicles. It comprises an entire ecosystem of partners working on complementary aspects of operating systems and real-time, critical software tools, computer vision, data fusion and artificial intelligence, all on a reliable and secure hardware platform, Kalray’s MPPA® (« Massively Parallel Processor Array »).

This collaborative strategic innovation project brings together 11 industrial and academic partners:

  • Leading automotive, aerospace and defense manufacturers, including Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi, MBDA and Safran
  • Innovative and high-growth French companies, including Kalray (project lead), ANSYS/Esterel, Prove&Run and Krono-Safe
  • Prestigious research laboratories, including CEA and Inria.

With its experience in the aeronautical, automotive and industrial markets, KRONO-SAFE has built a unique offer on the market for the development of critical applications running on multi-core platforms. Thanks to the ES3CAP project, KRONO-SAFE will be able to expand its ASTERIOS product family to the new strategic “many-core” platforms and thus build strategic partnerships with the project partners around Kalray’s MPPA® platform.

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